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Puppy Growth Rate

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2 days old - 0.8#

1 week - 1.6#

2 weeks - 2.8#

6.5 weeks - 10#

9.5 weeks - 12#

13.5 weeks - 20#

16.5 weeks - 27# (almost 4 months)

26 weeks (6 months) = 40#

30 weeks / 7 months - 42.4#

8 months - 42.6#

9 months - 41.6#

So it seems he's mostly stopped growing, though it seems like he's gotten taller, but not put on any additional weight. I need to measure him, be he never stands still for that. :)

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Kolt - 9 weeks, 12#.

14 weeks, 21#.

16 weeks, 24.5#.

19 weeks, 28.3#.

24 weeks, 33#, 19".

6 m/o 35#

7 m/o 38.5#

8 m/o 40.5#


He's now the largest of the 4 Border Collies that I've owned. Which is an odd thought 'cause he sure doesn't look that big.


But then Kipp never looked small and he was only 29-30#

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There seem to be some very big dogs over there, but then the sheep and cattle look huge too.


Kye is a pretty big collie and not particularly lightly built and was only 30lbs at 8 months. At 9 years he's still only a touch over 40lbs.


I haven't weighed Risk since he was 4 months but he's 5 months next week and I'd be surprised if he weighed more than 17lbs. His knobbly front legs tell me he still has a lot of growing still to do.

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28 weeks (something like that? I stopped counting weeks a while ago) and 30.6lbs. Apparently my scale needs about 5lbs of calibration (because at 5.5 I put her five pounds heavier than she is now) and 18" tall.


and that height is a really, really loose estimation.

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8 weeks: 9.5 lbs

10 weeks: 11.8 lbs

14 weeks: 16.0 lbs
19 weeks: 20.9 lbs

24 weeks: 26.0 lbs approx 18"
Given the weight for the height I wonder if I should be feeding him more. He's always been on the skinny side, but ehh...I might also just be bad at measuring.
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Risk is 5 1/2 months and just about 17in when standing straight. He weighs only 15 1/2lbs and looks more like a whippet than a collie. He is a full collie, just very finely built and by parentage wasn't likely to be paricularly tall or long bodied.


He has a shiny coat, has plenty of energy and a hearty appetite. I feed him as much I can but beyond a certain point it just goes straight through him.

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Bandit, at 10 months old, is about 21 and 1/2 inches at the withers. That's not a perfect measure, but he's about there.


Not sure his weight at this point. Last weigh-in had him at 35 pounds, but he may have gained just a bit since then.

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