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we have one of those balls at work for the dogs to push around the play yard and Soda just runs up to it and bark- screams at it and tries to bite it. It's a hoot.


And LOL @ Paula and the crook- maybe they turn it into a game of giant croquet?

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Sorry about Miss Piper's ear. No advice on how to mend her formerly pointed ear, but one thing I did noticed on my recent trip back home to Bucharest was that all the street dogs that had been spayed/neutered/tagged and released ended up with uneaven ears on the side of the tag. So anything messing with the cartilage there makes the ear flop. Pretty weird to see so many one-up-one-down dogs in one place.


They all end up looking like this, which is absolutely adorable :)





And no, this is not a Border Collie mix as I've never seen a BC in Romania, but it's the closest thing I've met to the real thing




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