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I wanted to give a quick update on little Belle and Turk. They are doing great. Fat, sassy and happy. They are growing like weeds and seem to be making up for lost time with the food. Turk remains a laid back, chill kind of guy. Belle is still a spitfire with attitude to spare.


They are getting spayed and neutered on Wednesday and will be officially up for adoption! They went to an adoption event this past Saturday and did great. Very social and charming. They have another one this coming Saturday. Hopefully they will find their forever families soon!


Here they are!










And Belle!







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Thanks y'all!


I have to give Belle up for the simple reason that I already have 4 dogs of my own and if I kept her I could no longer foster. I want to be able to help more like her so I need that extra spot in the house. It's breaking my heart, especially when I pick her up and she puts her paws around my neck and snuggles her head under my chin, the same pose she has done since the first day I brought her home. It's her default position when she's tired, scared, hurt or feels sick; it's also her position when she just needs some love. I've never seen her do it with anyone else and it makes me tear up.


But I've been keeping in mind that I am making them the best and healthiest puppies I can for the families that are looking for them. Their families are out there but they are gonna have to be something special to make it past my adoption interview! :-)

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Belle's foster story couldn't have a happier ending.


I wanted you guys to know that I took Belle to her new forever home this evening. It is a lovely house with a great yard, a wonderful family and everything she deserves. She will be well loved and taken care of.


Now just little Turk needs a home!!

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I just got a call from Belle's new owner. Belle just broke with parvo. She is at the vets on fluids and is being treated. Please keep your fingers crossed for her. This was my biggest fear for her. Sigh.


Turk seems fine, no vomiting or diarrhea but you can bet I'll be keeping an eye on him!

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