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Revisiting Exercise

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Hi Everyone,


I have not participated in the forum much lately, but I wanted to give an updated about Daisy and also ask some questions about exercise.


1. Daisy is showing great improvement with her fear of cars thanks to all of the help here on the forum. I have been driving Daisy to the park to play every evening and just this week she finally decided it would be nice to stay standing and look out the window! That is sure a big turn around from shaking and staying on the floor with her head buried under a blanket.


2. She rarely barks at unfamiliar dogs. She now wants to meet them and tries to play with them. She is still cautious at first, kind of creeps up on all fours, but no longer urinates from fear and once she is convinced they wont do anything to her she is ready to play.


3. She has made progress with not barking at bikes, but we still have some work to do with children. Children have been very difficult for her and I know she makes parents nervous so it has been very difficult to work on this.


Finally my question about exercise. I know over exercising puppies has been talked about here before, but I am wondering at 13 months of age, how much is too much? Right now we walk two miles every day which breaks down to two 30 min walks basically. In the evening she runs at the park. I have been very cautious about doing anything with a ball or frisbee. At some point, I would like to be able to find an activity like throwing the ball for 15 min (maybe 5 min at a time??) during the day to take a break from working and to get her outside as she starts pulling papers off my desk. I can tell she is getting annoyed. I know breaks would be good for the both of us as I tend to not take breaks while designing on the computer. Is she still too young to introduce the ball?


Her hips and knees were x-rayed last month at U.C. Davis and they said everything is excellent thus far (I posted a few months ago on here about the popping I was hearing).


I just don't want to mess things up for her later on in life.

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