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Sheep Katahdin / Dorper - $100 (Nampa)

Date: 2010-09-08, 8:49PM MDT

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


Katahdin / Dorper 50/50 Uwe. I am asking $100.00 OBO for her.


Contact me via e-mail with any questions and your name and phone number.





I about laughed myself silly.

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Maybe it's a pet? There is a lady in our county who years ago started with one sheep in an apt. in NYC and now has a flock of several hundred hundred sheep, several outstanding Border Collies, a LGD and an excellent reputation as a shepherdess. As for the spelling --- texting and twitter have ruined the world :rolleyes:. As an English teacher, I despair.... :D....





I about laughed myself silly.
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I about laughed myself silly.

I'm guessing that it is pronounced Yo (like "no"), like we do here in Highland, VA! Try asking a local here for a "ewe", they will say, "oh, you mean a "yo" and you say "unhun, yes a "yo".

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Well it's funny that this thread has come up because I put some sheep on Craigslist just the other day and one of the people that

contacted me pronounced it "yos" instead of ewes also. They were from upper Virginia. They also took one of the rams I had listed.

They kept calling him a "buck". This is the first time I had heard it pronounce that way.

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Hey yows


come 'ere


Couple of da boys told me ewes gotta deal on some healers


I got ta bread


You got dem healers?


whataya mean?


Bucks or does?


I told ja


I got da bucks


I want da healers.....?


Eh Rocko


Lets take dis guy for a ride



ewe know


Down Town


Whataya mean I talk funny


Get in da car smart A**


Bucks and does......


I talk funny.....

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