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eye redness and gunk


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I have not posted in awhile. I'm concerned about Bandit's eyes.

He is rubing his left eye, which is red, and having discharge/gunk. right eye also has discharge, but not as much.

I'm thinking it may be alergy related. (change in season?)

Or it might be sand or Chesapeake Bay related. Last week we camped out at first Landing State Park for 4 days. Went to beach and swimming daily.

Couple days earlier some parts of beach was closed down for swimming due to polution, Human waste, but reopened day later after more testing?


I remeber in the past, I gave Bandit Benadryl for eye redness and gunk for alergy. I don't remeber if season change was spring or fall?


Are any of you having alergy problem with your dog's, eyes and giving Benadryl? How much and often?


Can human eye drops be used for dogs?



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Sounds to me as if he may have an eye infection of some sort. I'd take him in to the vet. They can put a fluorescein stain on his eye to see if he's scratched the cornea, and can prescribe an antibiotic ointment for his eye. With antibiotics, it should clear up in a few days, in my experience.


I've had several dogs who have gotten eye infections of this sort. (Kids used to get them too). The cat even got several until we wised up and searched the house to sequester anything that resembled a pipe cleaner (you have no idea how many the kids would bring home from school as products of "crafts").


Not a vet so I can't answer about the safety of using human drugs on dogs. Without a diagnosis I don't think I'd attempt it, though; if it is an eye infection, anything you got over-the-counter for removing the red (from human eyes) wouldn't do any good.


Good luck!

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I think I'd take him in to the vet, too, just to check for a cornea scratch. My old Jesse had gunk in his eye the other day which turned out to be nothing, just a mild allergy, but I was glad to have the vet put in the fluorescent green stuff to make sure.


My vet *has* said that the plain Visine Tears, or a natural-tears equivalent, is okay for dogs just as a wash. But I don't think I'd use the "red-out" variety of human eye drops.


However, given the chance of sand or polutants in your pup's eyes, I'd have it checked out. If it's nothing, then you can ask your vet about the Benadryl. Hope this helps!

Cheers ~



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