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Hi, I've lurked on the boards for a couple of years now and am finally the owner of my own BC so thought I should start posting.

Introducing Quinn, the girl I intend to have a go at everything with. So far she's been a dream... or a terror. She's taught me lots already, especially how to function on very little sleep and to make sure I drag myself out for some entertainment in the morning. She is about 3.5 months now.


Here she is with my other dog Buster. He's probably cattle dog/kelpie/BC and a few other things, we found him in a car park when he was a puppy, he turns 8 in January.








Her style of playing with the other dogs.






A photo from the second day I had her home that made me think I was maybe gonna have my hands full.



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I *love* her!


Totally agree on the coat -- I know I don't have it in me to manage a full rough coat. I'm too lazy. :rolleyes: Apparently Secret is not "technically" a smoothie because she's got the floofy ear fuzz, but she's got a fairly short coat and I'll take it and the low maintenance that comes with it!

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She's just a farm bred girl. I was even starting to look at breeders in NZ but she popped up and she was exactly what I was looking for.

Both her ears are up now and pretty determined to stay there, although one has decided to point in too far for the time being. She's 4 months old soon, really need to get some more pics.

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