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Silly newbie question...


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I am new to this. really new. as in, I adopted a herding breed last month and JUST started reading a bit on herding.


I have to ask a silly question, what is the stick I see handlers using in the training videos? I've seen a stick, a stick with a rag, and a rake used. I'finding it hard to tell what it's used for. Keeping the dog out from the sheep...?


thanks for entertaining me!



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Hey Moemer,

From my POV, the stick can be used to influence the stock (keep them from running over me), as an extension of my arm (also to influence the stock, say, at the pen) or as something to influence the movement of the dog (or to provide a clearer picture to the dog--for example visually blocking one direction when I want the dog to go in the other direction). The addition of a rag (probably a bag) has the added effect created by noise (also applies to both stock and dog). The rake is just another version of that, though I've never used one. I imagine the rake is more for actually trying to keep the dog off the stock.


It's also perfectly acceptable to go out and train your dog without any "weapons" in hand.



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