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Excessive Drooling


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I have a 7 year old male Border Collie who seems to have developed a drooling problem. Although I have never seen him with drool hanging from his flews, the hair on his neck and chest is often damp and gooey. His water always looks clean so I don't think he is dipping his head in it. The water in the bucket is never slimey after he drinks. He seems to feel ok, his hair just feels gross. He usually has a dry mouth, when he plays ball the ball never gets slimey The only unusual thing I have seen him do is drink a lot of water after playing and then throw it up. I checked out what he had thrown up and it looked like a jelly fish w/o tentacles. I live in central NC so I know it was not a jelly fish. When I put a stick in it and lifted, it was thick and gooey and kind of ropy.


It has been humid and hotter than the hinges of hell in NC recently, so maybe his drooling is a result of excessive panting ? The dog is eating well and seem to feel good, but I was wondering if anyone else's dog had experienced this problem.

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