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Happy Belated Birthday Jill

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I thought that since I'd posted about Boy's 15th birthday this past spring, I'd also post about Jill's 14th birthday yesterday. Jill retired from trialing after having run in open with two different people, Sam Furman and then me. I had tried to buy Jill from Sam on a couple of occasions, and finally Sam gave her to me with the understanding that I would trial her and then care for her into her twilight years. When I got Jill she was six, and I learned a lot from her while I waited for my then-youngster Twist to come along. Jill still likes to follow the cats around when she can, and she still will occasionally try to work the chickens, but for the most part she's just taking it easy, resting on her couch, sparring with Willow, and threatening the life of any puppy that joins the household (and even some who are just visiting!).


Happy Birthday Jilly-roo!


I don't have any real recent photos (need to remedy that), but here are some older ones of Miss Roo.

















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The hens were buff Sebrights. The chicks were a cross with an Old English Game (OEG) bantam rooster. I bought the hen(s) somewhere between Elizabeth City and Kittyhawk when I was living in EC and looking for more Sebrights. I had never heard of buffs before, but the guy who had them also had silvers and goldens but they were much bigger than what I wanted (I guess like every other animal in the world, if people show it, it gets bigger). Sadly, the last two Sebright hens were killed by a friend's pup when we weren't paying attention. And I've not seen buff Sebrights since, so I have no idea if it was just a breeding experiment gone bad from that one person or what. But if you're looking for small chickens other than Sebrights, check out OEG bantams as well--they come in all sorts of interesting colors. I haven't kept mine purebred, but the Sebright pattern pops out on occasion, and I still get chicks in that buff color (without the white penciling). I mostly have OEG "mutts" now (mutts because I haven't kept the colors separate to maintain the color varieties). Prolific layers (small eggs, obviously) and great moms.


I have a silver Sebright hen that hatched out some guineas for me after the guinea hen was killed. The adolescent guineas are more than twice her size now, and yet they still follow her around, sometimes with a little silver Sebright rooster bringing up the rear. I'll have to get pictures. It's really funny with the "giant" noisy guineas following their little tiny mama around.



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