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Aled Owen`s Bob (ISDS 224454)

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I just wanted to inform those of you with descendant progeny from Aled Owen`s famous, World and ISDS Supreme International sheepdog champion: Bob "ISDS 224454" (aka "Llangwm Bob") that Aled Owen took the difficult but humane decision to let his dear-lad go peacefully to his final rest this week.


Bob`s long and full life (of 15¾ years) had taken it`s toll and when Bob`s health and quality of life deteriorated suddenly, Aled thought it the best kindness to ask the Veterinarian to ease his passing.


I`m sure all of us with 'family' from Bob, will give thanks for the wonderful genetic gifts of ability, handsome-conformation and good-temperament that Aled`s Bob has passed into our care.


I once heard Bob described as a "A Dog of a Lifetime"......What a blessing that it was in ours!


Thank you, Bob; "That`ll do"




Click here to watch a little video clip of Aled and Bob demonstrating their intuitive working partnership (filmed back in 2006 when Bob was 11).


Bob, pictured at home (in retirement) just some weeks ago:


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Hello everyone,


Thank you, Deb, for letting us know of Bob's passing, and I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathy to Aled on the loss of his beloved dog.


Sheep Dog Passing


He said, “You needn’t wait

if you’d rather” and called the nurse.

“It’s for the best,” He said.


Whose best I’d like to know. It’s

all very well for Him,

all glass and stainless steel.

“It will be quick,” He said

and filled the syringe.

“There will be no pain,” He said

and clipped the hair above the vein.


Holding her, she licked my hand and

understood: anything would be a piece of cake

after nights of blizzards on the moors

to pinpoint buried sheep, and rescue lambs

or, to a whistle, in the noontide heat

outrun, collect and fetch far flocks

from hills to lusher grounds.

Her eyes reminded me of little things, shared

times to treasure garnered over half a life.


“It’s done,” He said

and dropped the needle in the stainless bowl.

At peace she watched me, sighed and slept.


Him in his glass and stainless world

said there would be no pain;

but he was wrong.


by R.A. Chesterfield


Regards to all,


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