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So i'm considering getting a 2nd Dog... Advice Please...

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I would get a male. Not sure how Ollie is.. But is bad around boys? or girls? Does he show a perfrence to a certain gender when playing with the JRTs?


I know you mention going to parks and talking to JRT owners. Was he with you? How did he behave? Did he have off leash time with them? etc..


As long as Ollie is dog friendly and savvy I don't see how it would be in issue. Make sure you and the breeder/rescue person is on teh same page as you, so you can get the best match for Ollie and your charges(kids).



Hey, Ollie is fine with other dogs, and plays off lead withh all shapes, sizes genders and i dont have any problems. :-D

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I hear of people all the time having major issues with their multiple dog house hold. I have had up to 7 dogs in my house of a mixed gender and never had any issues. They all get their space and one on one time and I never have any issues. At the moment I have 3 Females but they are all by luck. I went out looking for a male in a litter picked a puppy and forgot to ask her gender, needless to say I didn't get what I went for but I'd never change it. My next puppy just picked her again before I knew her gender, and the last dog is a rescue I picked up and she is also a girl by chance. One day I will get the male I was originally searching for but I for now I have an all girl household. Even my rats and the cat are girls.


I think it comes down to whatever gender you want really, either gender could work just as well as the other. I wouldn't pick a gender based on they might get along better because they may not.



Haha! Yeah i originally wanted a girl BC, but there you go, wouldnt change him for the world!! In fact i would like another boy now i think. :rolleyes: Cheers for the input!

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It might too make a difference in a breed, I would track down some JRT people and ask their opinion. Terriers are a little different than herding dogs or sporting dogs when it comes to dog-dog interactions.


In my experience, its always the girls who are in charge in a mixed sex household...

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