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So my Lynus is 16 months now, he still pee's when people come up to him and pet him. Any tips on how to curb this embarrassing issue? I know you need to ignore them until they calm down or dont make a big deal about petting him, but he just loves people.

I have tried keeping him in stay position for a few minutes until its not so exciting to see people then he will go up to them and pee. Am i not doing the stay long enough? any other direction i should go?



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Well, this may be something he will do for years or even life. Some dogs just do that. There are ways to manage the issue. Try to get him to empty out if you know in advance there will be greetings. Have the greetings outside where at least you don't need to worry about clean up. And you may need to keep him in a stay or crated for longer than a few minutes to see if he can reach a greater level of calmness. Or have people completely ignore him until he is as calm as if he was with you and he had been with you for hours. And even then any petting is done in a very low key way, as if you were giving him a few pats as you went about your day.

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I agree with Liz, it may be something he will do for some time. Holly is a lot better now, actually I can't remember the last time she did it ... but she was like it for ages. Excitement and also if she was unsure of something, like a person that she was going to greet. She would go to them but sometimes would do a little wee.

We just made sure new meets were outside if possible and cleared up if she did one. I would say she may have outgrown it now though as this has reminded me that she has not done it for ages, she is 4yrs old now. I still wouldn't be surprised if she did again sometime though.

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