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Toyota Trains Perfect Recall

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Just about a year ago exactly, I bought a new Toyota Corolla. After owning a 10-year-old car, it was a bit of an adjustment, getting used to power windows, power locks, etc..


This car, along with all other newish Toyotas, makes a very specific series of beeps when it's unlocked.


So now when we're out and Buddy hears anybody anywhere unlocking their Toyota, he believes "his" car is calling him. He'll prick his ears and attempt to find the vehicle - and if the car is nearby, he will go to the back left door and patiently wait for a ride home. :rolleyes:



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My dogs slipped out the front door the other day. I jumped in the truck and once i found them a few streets down i jumped out and hit the unlock button, they turned around so fast and jumped in the truck before i could get the door all the way open. Crazy dogs!

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That's how I call my dogs back to the car. Just unlock it. Very convenient for Toyota to issue that recall.

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