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Sometimes I will get busy doing things and time will get by me. Suddenly I’ll look up and the dog is standing or sitting nearby, staring at me with a look of concentration/ anticipation. I’ll look at the clock and Whoops! It’s an hour past dinnertime, or I haven’t given her a pee-break for longer than normal.

I’ll turn to the dog and say, “Do you need to go out?” or, “Hey, I bet you’re hungry.” She will leap in the air and do a dance, tail wagging. I respond to this by saying, “OK, let’s go out!” or “OK, I’ll get you’re supper.” At this, she will give a whole body shake, like the one she does when she’s just had a bath.


This happens all the time, when she’s been anticipating something and I confirm that the desired event is imminent. (Oddly, the cat does it too, but his display is confined to the shake and adopting a tails-up stance.)


Is this something others have noticed? Is it a Border Collie thing? (And my cat is just doing a monkey see, monkey do?) Or do all dogs do this? Is the rearranging-of-the-fur thing a preparation for action? Or is it to relieve built-up muscle tension when they have been in a state of anticipation for a while?

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Dew pokes me in the leg when she's excited. Before, during and after any big event.

She does do a huge stretch when we greet in the morning but I think that's a sleeping thing.


Thy only dance when it's outside time or sheep time. But it is one heck of a dance!

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My trainer used to say "shake it off" all the time - after a dog in class had had a nerve-wracking experience of any kind, or been put in an uncomfortable situation, they would give one of those shakes.


Buddy does give a little joyous shake when I first come home from work and promise to play with him. It starts at his head and winds its way back to his tail, corkscrew-like. I love it. :rolleyes:



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My Ed does what I call the 'happy dance' when he knows dinner's coming. This will involve rolling and wriggling around on the floor for a few minutes then standing up and doing the whole body shake. It still makes me laugh to this day as you literally see the shake go from head to tail! :rolleyes:


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