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What can I teach my 8 weeks old until she is ready for real training?


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My 7.5 weeks to be exact is full of energy and always trying to understand what I am saying (tilting her heads for every word I say!)


Some trainers I've contacted suggested I'd wait till she is 6 months old to get proper trainings.

Until she is ready for those, are there anything I can teach her, show her besides "sit" "down" "No"?


As I mentioned in my last post, I am planning on buying a whistle.


Thank you,

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Just teach her to be a good puppy and to have fun. Once she's had her shots, start taking her with you everywhere you can. Teach her to walk with you, ride in the car with you, etc. Let her hear your voice -- your normal voice, not a baby-talk voice -- so she can learn when you're pleased and when you're displeased.


Teach her right from wrong. Be fair. Be consistent.


Most importantly, teach her to take a correction, and don't let her get away with too much.


You can certainly start working on a recall -- that's going to be critical for her safety regardless of stockdog training.

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Thank you Bill.

When she does wrong; such as bite my ankles when I play succer with her, try to eat cats' poo, tease cats; I would tell her "NO" but then she gives me this sad face.


Someone told me that BCs don't like being told off and they can get stubborn if they don't get their ways.


I have been trying to praise her as much as possible when she does right, but hate (just as everyone would) telling her "NO" especially when she is having a good time... I know I have to...



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