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Still haven't figure out how to get them to pull while biking. They will sort of pull to start off but if I open my mouth they immediatle fall behind me. I found out my cat like biking with me and much to my suprise the first time. All I heard was a yowling and I stop to find out what happen and there was my cat runnign to catch up. LOL He LOVES it?! I just have them on a loose leash while riding. I have Cressa and Troy hooked together and a leash hooked to the joiner thing. When I go faster I unhook them both... Before I get flamed I go riding at night when there is almost NO ONE on the roads and its in teh neighborhood. On main road they both are leashed.


Troy does AWESOME biking. He runs right with my heel doesn't matter what my speed is that is where he aims for. If i go too slow he will try to run a little ahead right at my handle bars. The only weird thing is he perfer to run where I am riding. So unless I ride on grass he will try to stick to pavement. He will just fall behind when I start to pressure him over to the grass with the bike. I was suprise how fast and consistant he was. Like I said he generally will keep up and run with my heel. Kind of like heeling while biking?! Even when I start to go faster. He had no problems keeping up with my 3 speeder going down hill. My 15 speeder he works a little more to keep up but he normally stick close to me no matter teh speed.


Cressa... Cressa still doesn't trust the bike(i think). She will almost always make sure Troy is between her and the bike. She is understand the whole lets run on the grass part tho. ANd also understand you have to move in when there are signs and stuff. She also is learning begrudgingly that you have to come close to the bike when it go close to drains. She HATES drains. Foruante for me she hates them more then the bike! It weird tho. Any other instance Cress is faster then Troy. On the bike tho when I unhook her to go faster. She falls back. She will be about two car lengh behind me keeping pace. If i go really fast she will be right beside me keeping up.LOL Witha goofy smile on her face. Which made me wonder if she is possible a better sprinter then a long distance runner. Or if its just my speed on the bike isn't her speed. Or what? I do think she perfer unleash when riding to being leash. But thats isn't really an option.


So thought? suggestion?

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I just wanted to comment that my two cats love to go walking with me and the dogs every morning. We go at least a mile and a half and they are right up there with the dogs. Most of the time harassing them. :rolleyes:



As far as the dog trailing behind when you are going slower, my Shepherd mix does this when we are on the four wheeler. She likes to hang back if we are going slow, stopping to dig for gophers and go for short dips in the creek. When we speed up she (well shes not fast enough to be right beside us) falls into place just behind the four wheeler. I think its because when we go slow she can always see us and can do her own thing while going with us. Then when we speed up she needs to close the distance so she can make sure she knows where we are going...


My heeler on the other hand follows pretty close behind when we go slow, and then goes out in front or to the side of us when we are going faster. He thinks it is a game to keep pace with the vehicle when we go fast. So maybe it is a game for your girl too...

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