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Hello All,


I have Heeler that insists on barking at the four wheeler everytime we go out (living on a ranch this is almost in use all the time).I dont know how many of you have heard a heeler yap, but it is extremely high pitched and annoying! :rolleyes: I have tried everything to get him to stop barking at the tires, at us, and just in general around the four wheeler. He is now teaching my little BC to yap as well at the four wheeler. I have tried to not take them out together anymore, but Nitro will still bark. Here are a few things I have tried please anyone with any advice let me know I am desperate!!!

Stopping the four wheeler everytime he barks and waiting a few seconds for them to calm down

Asking for a quiet (which they both know the command)

I know this one is not helping matters but... Sometimes we just have to get far enough ahead of both of them (quite a chore with the heeler seeing as he runs at least 25 to 30 mph with us for a couple of miles... and going through fields you cant go much faster...) that they really have to concentrate on running rather then barking.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!



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Put him on the 4 wheeler and take him with you... he'll quit barking at his vehicle if he thinks of it as his, hopefully...worked with my dog and barking at cars/trucks...she won't bark at the ones she rides in, but does at the 'work car' that she isn't allowed in.

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My dogs are afraid to ride on the 4 wheeler. They will both bark if allowed to, they are excited to come with me on the 4 wheeler adventure no matter what the adventure is.

So if the barking gets me annoyed I have to stop and take the time to get my message across that there will be no barking, which takes more than a few minutes of stopping, it might even take me getting off the 4 wheeler so they know I mean business. One we get going they don't bark, they are just excited that we're going somewhere to start. So I usually let a bit of barking but then if they don't quit on their own, I make sure they know I mean QUIT!

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