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To the folks getting my yarn

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Sue sent me all the info, and I haven't forgotten about you!


We entered the "seriously heavy duty rapid work" phase of ripping out old fences & putting up new ones, and I've been doing very little except stretch wire & put on t-post clips the past week or so. All fit in around 4.30 am bakery shifts... Butchering 40 lambs in the next two days, then I should have a little time to actually put yarn in the mail!



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Ben, I had completely forgotten about the yarn. What a nice surprise to come home from work to find it in the mailbox! It is gorgeous!! This is the first "real" yarn that I have ever had, and I can't wait to knit something. A very kind gesture from you, and I am sure that the other lucky recipients are just as pleased. Thank you so much!



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I got mine today as well. It's lovely: I'm going to give some thought to a special project that will highlight its natural beauty. I will enjoy knitting it all the more because of its connection. Thank you so much!


- Lynn

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Wow, that was fast!


Cotswold wool is incredibly greasy (it's a very high luster wool), and a lot of the lanolin stays in the yarn. If you want, you can re-wash the yarn in lukewarm water with a few drops of mild dish soap. The yarn has all already been washed post-processing. I like the extra lanolin- makes the yarn pretty waterproof :rolleyes:


It makes great socks & mittens- wears like iron!


Glad you all like it! My ewes say Thanks.

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