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Close encounter!


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As I was finishing up working the dogs this morning I played around abit in this side field keeping the sheep I had just got done working from joining back up with the left behind sheep..Must of fooled around for about 10 minutes.


Well not five minutes after I walked out of the field I hear this loud shotgun blast..There is my perfectly sane (or so I thought) neighbor standing out in that very same field surrounded by sheep with his gun.


He spies me and yells to get a shovel..


Seems he had seen me working sheep and thought he would come watch, only when he got there I was gone..and he heard a "funny" noise..Well folks there lay a 5 foot diamond back rattler..right where I had just got done working dogs.


Needless to say we made a bee-line got dogs and sheep gather..Lucky no one had gotten bite..


All I can say is thank heavens for neighbors that can jump 4ft hog wire fences with a shotgun in tow!

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