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Daisy passed basic obedience!

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Daisy passed basic obedience!


I know that this is a obedience related post, but so many of Daisy's behavior problems have been posted here (i.e. the barking from anxiety and fear at other dogs and strangers to finding a new trainer after Daisy was squirted in the face by the old trainer basically for her fears (yeah, that post...how horrible that was!)). I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped me out with posting advice and experiences. AND for telling me that even though she is exhibiting these behaviors as a puppy, things can get better and improve as she gets older! So don't give up hope!


Daisy's reaction to dogs and strangers has greatly improved. If she does become overwhelmed and reacts, it is much easier to redirect her now. The trainer said she has blossomed! She is becoming more relaxed in public and seems happier out and about.


We still have to work on the barking at children when they run all over the place, but for now I am so proud of the progress she has made so far.


Thank you again everyone for your help and support! :rolleyes:


Now, on to intermediate obedience in a couple weeks!

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