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saw "K-9's in Flight" today...and Happy's twin lol

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lol I saw K-9s in flight at buffalo days today, like 10 BCs :rolleyes: I was like "this is my kinda heaven" what really struck me though was one of the dogs was almost dead on idetical to Happy, the face markings were very slightly differnt, but otherwise you would not be able to tell these dogs apart, this dog even behaves the same way as Happy, now that was all fine and well, but I had to laugh when I discovered this dogs name.....yup you guessed it... "Happy" only this Happy is a male from California, but his looks and his behaviour, he was just like Happy. I had not even really noticed as I was staring at Ice, a BC that looked exactly like Ouzo, until my friend was like "hey that looks like Happy!"


My Happy:



Happy from California


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