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I'm embarressed, but won't let it keep me from geting the advice I need...

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You could just lie and tell them that it was some unknown dog that bit you. That's what I would do.

But then they would make me get shots for rabies - after the police wandered all over the neighborhood trying to find the strange dog.


Fortunately the last time I was bitten was trying to break up a fight between dogs I was petsitting for. I just washed the bite in soap and water for a long time - immediately. And had antibiotics at home that I could use.


That might be one solution - just keep antibiotics at home - if you can get them somehow. Wouldn't work if the bite was bad enough for stitches or if the bite actually hit the bone.

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I was told by a person unnamed that you can get Fish Antibiotics over the net without a RX

Like if you had a 150 pound shark in your tank - I wonder what the proper dose of fish antibiotics would be. I think sharks and people get about the same dose so you would need to dose your shark about the same as yourself.


I wonder what would happen if your shark accidentally bit you? Would you have to impound the shark for 10 days?

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Totally off topic :rolleyes: A loop hole allows you to buy antibiotics without a prescription for use with fish..Not implying anything just talking in case someone has some hurt fish!!!!


lol, last time my aquarium was in need of treatment, I went to the Dr. and got a people perscription :D But yes, technically the meds are the same, I know a few people that take pet antibiotics.

Back on topic, I'd lie to save my dogs being impounded, even if I needed to get rabies shots. It's my job to protect them, especially if it's my own fault I was bitten. I'm not aware of any such law here, but I'd have no problem lying.

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Despite being grilled by the local police officer at the emergency room I refused to rollover on "a dog well-known to me" when I was bitten (quite by accident) last fall. I simply stated that I knew the dog, that it was an accident, and that I had evidence of the dog's vaccination. But that wasn't good enough. I was threatened by the officer with being charged with "obstructing an investigation" but held firm. I was most concerned with the implications that a dog bite record might have on "the owner's" ability to retain a homeowners insurance policy with said dog being maintained in the household. I had gone to a physician first and I was not required to report the dog bite during the visit there. I was simply asked if I knew the animal. Unfortunately, there was no avoiding the trip 2 days later to the emergency room after hours. My finger was about to explode from the hematoma that developed.


When I was attacked and bitten by a feral cat the subject of rabies shots was broached but I declined. I had a strong suspicion about what prompted the attack-- the presence of Jill--who did nothing to provoke it, but nonetheless I was given the choice by my own physician.

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This is an interesting situation. I too blurt out honest answers when asked questions, esp if I'm nervous, etc.

I'm glad to think about unintentional bites from my own dogs now so that I can plan to lie like a rug later. :rolleyes:


There are times when there is unintentional biting not from dog fights but as a reaction from unintentional pain being inflicted on the dog - ie. brushing tangles out of uber-fine fur on the side of the dog (didn't break skin and dog has learned not to use teeth to let me know).

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Like if you had a 150 pound shark in your tank - I wonder what the proper dose of fish antibiotics would be.
The label on the Fish Zole/Aqua Zole bottle tells you the amount of Metronidazole in each tablet (250 or 500mg). MedicineNet.com lists metronidazole treatment regimens for various human ailments (250mg-750mg per oral dose).


It's the exact same chemical is used in the treatment of humans and other species. What is different is the testing needed for the pre-approval for marketing (FDA, USDA, EPA, etc), the controls and testing during manufacturing, and controls on the sales (over the counter vs. prescription). How the tablet is compounded could vary; quick dissolving vs. coated for easy of swallowing.


Would I use this on myself, not when health care is readily available to me; if I were in the wilderness and inaccessible to med care I would use it.

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