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Everybody loves an old dog,

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I love that pic of your old girl!


Sami will be 15 in about 10 days. She's pretty tottery, and won't settle down during the day time unless DH and I are in the same room.


So, yesterday afternoon we're out for our walk. I was trying to get her to speed up a bit, crossing a street, and I heard someone yelling, "Take your time, no problem." I look around, and there's a lady in her car, waiting for us to get across the street, and she beams at me and points to the handicapped placard in her windshield. Then she sticks her head out her window and says, "Take your time, I'm in no hurry," and keeps smiling and waving.


Well, that was a wonderful lift to my spirits. Then, this elderly gentleman comes driving along, going past us in the opposite direction. He sees Sam, and his face lights up and he's just beaming and waving to her.


The world is sometimes a marvelous place. Hug your old dog today, if you haven't already.



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About two years ago we almost ended up with a dog( Patchs) from the shelter I volunteer at. I wanted to adopt the dog because no one else wanted him due to his age- he was given up because the couple had a baby. My guess is the dog was 13+, they had him listed as age 7. You could tell by the face and how he moved he was up there. I brought my husband into see the dog - he said sure we can take the old boy. I was a little worried because we had stairs at the house I would have to carry him up and down ( which we did for our sheltie when he got old). I kept on tossing what to do over in my head. Now to the good part of the story - the local paper ran an article about dogs who were waiting a long time to be adopted - with a picture of "Patchs" to show how cute they all were. Husband said that if Patch did not get adopted over the weekend we would pick him up on Monday. This older retired gentleman adopted Patchs. He past time in retirement was to take older dogs and give them a place to live out their years. He already had three other older dogs living with him. So, the good news is that somebody loves the old dog.

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We've got 4 old dogs, 3 in the house and 1 LGD outside. They all can pretty much do what they want (including eat a few Cheetos). :rolleyes: They're a joy to be around even if they have to go out in the middle of the night. So, yes, give them a hug today and every day.


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