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Where does your BC sleep?

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Originally posted by Jennifer Glen:

I have one that sleeps in the bathtub too! He's a tweaker tho so I don't question it. My others all sleep on the bed when my husband is away but on the floor when he's home. One sneaks up on the bed after he's asleep.


Hey, Jenny! Is that bathtub dog of yours related to Ms. Dhu? She sleeps in the tub, too.
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my fuzzbutt generally starts the night off on my (excuse me, HIS) bed, cuddled with me. he then migrates to the foot of the bed, and then sometime in the middle of the night, he'll either move to the area right in front of the bedroom door or the carpet at the foot of the bed, and then by morning he's back on the bed, generally up against me and trying to take over the pillows, the little monster. gotta love them, though.


when i first brought him home from rescue he was relegated to the crate at nights and when i was away until he got potty trained.

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