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Riot and Tempe playing flyball

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This is a video from the weekend. Riot, borderjack, and Tempe, border collie, are the first and second dogs. These 2 belong to me. Not bad since this was our first tourney since Dec and well Tempe made me proud. She has so many fear issues that it has taken a lot of time to get her up and running. She has some minor meltdowns but she is looking happy out there and that is all that matters. If I could figure out passing with her we would be doing good :rolleyes: She had a really long pass and still ran 5 seconds.



And here is our vets team which includes my acd. In vets all dogs must be 7 yrs old or older. This group is 9 and above. My acd, Foster, will be 12 in June. She has had TPLO on both knees. Not bad for an old lady. She is the 3rd dog in the lineup.



edited to add the link for the old dgs :D

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Your dogs have great turns! Tempe is nice and high on the box, good job! Flyball can be a wonderful sport for building confidence in a dog. Our over-doer, Jinx has really come a long way since we got him a couple years ago, it's so neat to see how they can blossom.

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