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Canine Vestibular Disorder?


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During dinner this evening, I noticed that Scooter was just standing in the hallway, very still, all four legs spread like he was balancing himself and looked afraid to move. Seemed a little disoriented and unresponsive when I called him to me. Seemed very sleepy all day too, could barely keep his eyes open. At one point, he was lying next to me, head up but eyes kind of rolling back and that membrane (I think it is) covering his eyes kept opening and closing.


Could this be an ear infection, a mild stroke or a seizure? Canine Vestibular Disorder? Time change? (Wishful thinking). Very strange behavior for him, whatever it is. :D


He's lying on the floor right now, panting and licking his lips. Looks at me when I call his name, but doesn't seem interested in moving. Is he nauseated? In pain? He ate with no problem. No limping or visible signs of anything amiss there.


Why is it always a Friday or Sunday night?! :rolleyes:

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I made an emergency visit at 1:30 am this morning to the vet's because Zachary,my little miniature schnauzer was staggering, vomiting, disoriented, his eyes were moving from side to side and his head was tilted also. I was sure he was having a stroke. Since he is almost 14 and has other health issues, I decided on the emergency visit. Almost as soon as the vet saw him, he said, it's Geriatric Vestibular Disease. Zach's symptoms read just like the textbook. He gave his some benedryl for the dizziness and said it should subside in a few days. Given Zach's history, I'm can live with his head tilted a bit. It sure was scary to watch and I'm glad I opted to make the midnight drive.

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