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Foo where have you been!?

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Were to start?


I lost my job 06/07 due to the beginning of the housing crash and bad management of the new owners, spent over a year trying to find work. (well the summer i milked the savings acct. and goofed off :rolleyes: ) I found a crappy security job which i am still at.


I found someone crazy enough to put up with me.




We met playing World of Warcraft like 5 years ago. She thought I was a S.O.B. and I just thought she was a B! She was in my family's guild and friends with my cousin. Funny how it all worked out, A couple of years butting heads then somehow we fell for each other. To be honest I am a lucky S.O.B to have her in my life. It's like a fell into a pile of dung and came out smelling of roses! Last April these were my birthday presents from her!




Alexia and McKenzie became the newest members of the pack. I never knew how much happiness a couple of flesh balls could bring you. They have made life way sweeter then I could have ever imagined! After a malfunction a few months later we got news that...




Liberty Faith is due May 29th 2010! I am now gonna be living with 4 female humans vs. me!! Counting Zag and Sydney its 5 vs. 2! We are toast! No more action films for us just princesses and unicorns from now on! Send help boys!


And now for something BC related! Remember Hope?




Well after 3 years I finally found her a perfect home. Yeah yeah I know you thought I was keeping her... Well I thought so too! We went to a co-workers house one day in October to see some red brick she had. Hope and Patty seemed to hit it off instantly. (I think the doggy treats did it) Well when I went to leave, Hope wouldn't come to me and when she finally did, she just stared out the back window whimpering. I mentioned Hope was a rescue and explained the condition she was in when i pulled her.


A few days later Patty's DH (also a co worker) asked if they could maybe bring Hope home for a few days and see how it felt? That weekend I pulled into their driveway with an excited Hope. It was like she remembered where she was. As soon as she saw Patty, Hope's tail wagged like crazy! Slapping me senseless. Needless to say Hope never returned here. Although the DH isn't a big fan of Hope's antics. (he has a great pyrenees. He is the mellowest dog ever!) Patty and Hope seem made for each other.


So here I am returning to the BC boards to escape the oppression of the DW and Kids!




And that my friends is it in a nut shell. You will be seeing more of me so BEWARE!!




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WOW Foo! That's a LOT of amazing news! Congratulations on your beautiful children, wonderful wife, future little girl and finding a home for Hope! WOW! So glad life has been treating you right, my friend!!!

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You've been a busy boy, Foo! Congrats on the wedding and the bee-yoo-ti-ful little girls, that last pic of the 3 of you snuggling is too cute.


What a great thing you did for Hope, I bet she and her new friend Patty are very happy. Glad to see you again, and your new family.



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WOW what a heartwarming update!!!

Congrats on finding a great lady and being blessed with your beautiful children!!!! Like puppies, they get more fun by the day!

Also huge kudos on finding the RIGHT home for Hope and not giving up. Sounds like you served her well!

Great job on all!

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