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Gawd that was funny...wonder if those ladies have ever seen themselves in this?


I think we could do one of those for herding (oops, is that sheepdog, or shepherding, or stockdoging) trials too LOL

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Aw right. Laugh if you must, but this IS the creme de la creme at the Garden and the Garden is the culmination of a year of weeding out the "less thans". If it wasn't for this process of weeding out, we might be forced to witness the following, and be honest --- which would you rather see --- the caucasoid middle aged women in white suits or this:




which lends a whole new meaning to "crack kills".



ETA -- Dammit! Now I have this annoying tune running through my head that I can't get rid of. "When the Moon Comes over the Mountain". It's probably going to stick with me all day.

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