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O/T My new cat is home!

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I was finally able to bring my new border-kitty home! He's all healthy and acting... spunky. He's a bit of a punk, apparently, was trying to roughhouse with the older cats at the shelter. They weren't too impressed. My boss was very happy to see him go. LOL


Anyways he's home, and it's going so well! I expected our cat to freak out. He's wondering what the heck the cat is doing in his kitchen, but he's pretty relaxed about it.


Zoe is behaving so well - she's a cat-dog. She acts so much like a cat that cats take one look at her and go "OMG DOG! Oh wait. Nevermind." Merlin completely ignores her. (Zoe actually seems a little scared of the cat. "OMG it moved!! Hide hide behind mommy!")


Zeeke's the only one not handling it well - he barked for over an hour and is very on-edge... either cat so much as twitches and he jumps to his feet barking again. It's a little irritating. He sniffed the carrier the cat came home in top-to-bottom and basically squashed it trying to get every ounce of scent out of it.


And in the big surprize of the night... after calming down and checking things out Merlin got up on the counter and walked right over to Zeeke. Then layed down. Not QUITE within his reach but still.... our other cat took a year to get to that point. (Zeeke is a big scary dude to little cats - even punky, adolescent cats.) So while the cat is not venturing out of the kitchen (baby-gated off so the big dog can't get in), it's showing a lot of promise.


Anyhow, just wanted to share. I'm pretty happy it's going so well.

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Can anyone help with a dog's Cat Obsession? This cat is doing very well - he'll sleep on my desk, he'll sniff Zeeke, lightly pat him on the nose with a paw. But Zeeke is SO OBSESSED. Even with our previous cat who we've had for two years causes Zeeke to follow him around obsessively and chase him if he's out. We don't know what the deal is. The cats let him sniff them all over. But he insists on continually sniffing, jabbing with his nose, even nibbling.


He's never shown ANY signs of intentionally hurting the cats or wanting to hurt them, which is why we're okay having both. He's just obsessed. And we don't know what would "satisfy" him - or how to get him to just let it go. DH has him laying down on his bed right now.

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Yay! for getting the kitten home! and as for the obbsession... I would love to hear input on that as well :rolleyes:

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Dally is cat obsessed too :rolleyes: she LOVES cats, has no intent to hurt them, comes up to them tail going a million miles an hour, ears flat against her head, "smiling" and just happy as a clam sitting and laying next to them all happy like :D

Here's Dally sleeping with my kitten Docee




Not only is Dally kitten obsessed but m cats love my dogs lol they sleep with the dogs and the dogs sleep with me lol

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