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Yorkshire in April


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Well, I've got the plane reservations and all but one night of the housing. Now I need to know if there's any events we want to attend.


We will get to Haworth on April 14 and leave on the 17th. We'll be right at the top of Main Street. Current plans are Top Withens and the Railway Children walk.


Then we have a self-catering in Hawes for the 17th - 24th. I don't know if the trials will be on down along the river on the way to Hardraw. We could walk to those. We hire a car, so other places are not a problem.


We end in Holmfirth from the 24th to the 28th.


If nothing else, we'll enjoy all the lambs that we are sure to see on our hikes and walks. And the dogs working the sheep to get them in for lambing and back out for grazing.

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