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OT ~ Well I feel like a bad mommy.

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I was giving Mo dry kitten food. Mo was eating it. I looked at the saucer again today with new eyes and the thought crossed my mind ~ 4-6 wks old and this saucer isn't empty after 24 hours. Well duh baby teeth can't crunch that good MOM. So took out my trusty hammer and crushed the dry kitten food, added just enough water to hold it together and put that down. One minute later saucer is completely empty. Thanks for sharing my smack myself upside the head moment.

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I am sure Mo just thought, Oh wow, now I get a great treat, rather than, what a dumb mommy I have, like a 5 year old would!! (well at least my 5, oops 6 year old would think)


No one can be perfect all the time, and I don't suppose you could make enough mistakes with Mo throughout his life to even come close to whittling down the good deed you did by taking him in! This is probably how Mo feels as well.

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You can mix the dry food with watered-down low-sodium beef or chicken broth to soften it. You can also use htis another way, by letting it soak until it is really soft, stuff it in a Kong, and freeze the Kong; it will be a challenge for the dog that will keep it entertained for a while.

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