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I'm glad to have found this board! I'm a happy new companion of Scout, an 11 week old BC. While I'm a first time BC owner, I have experience with herding dogs. I've had the great pleasure of being an Aussie owner for the last 13 years. I live on a small farm in Va with my husband and 10 yr. old son, and our canine family consists of

13yr. old Aussie - Kate (aka - the best girl in the world)

3 yr. old Aussie - Pip

5 yr. old Rat Terrier Spark

11 week old Scout



I tried to attach pics - hope it works. I don't want to get yelled at on my first post ; )


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then you must not be too far from Donald McCaig. He can be a great resource for you if you are interested in training Scout to work stock.



Yes, we are close to Mr. McCaig! We do live on a farm and have sheep and cattle, I would love train Scout! Our Aussies help us a little on the farm, but they never had any formal training.

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Thanks all for the welcome!

Thought I'd share a little more info on my crew..

When we got Kate (13 yr. old Aussie), I was wanting a dog for myself, DH did NOT want a puppy. My Dad called and said that someone he worked with had good farm dogs and had 3 left. After finding out that they were Aussies, I arranged to pick up her last female, sight unseen. I wasn't looking for a working dog, just a pet that would fit in well with the farm. DH's resistance to getting puppy lasted only long enough for me to pull in the driveway with her. He fell in love as soon as I walked in the door. She is a "once in a life time" dog, and queen of the farm. Even at 13 she runs with grace.

Spark (5yr. old Rat Terrier) is my sons dog. He wanted a JR, but we started looking for something with a little less energy. We picked up a Bulletin-Board while in Harrisonburg, and saw Rat Terriers for sale. Went to look at the last remaining pup, and the rest is history.

Pip (3 yr. old Aussie) was a shelter dog. DH and son made frequent drives by the shelter and saw him a few times, but then he was gone. One day my son asked me to drive by and he was back, the shelter was closed, so I called and left a message for additional information. The next day while I was at work, DH and my son picked him up. He was only 8 months old and had already had a few owners. 1st family divorced and gave him to one of the parents, he killed a neighbors chicken and was taken to the shelter, he was adopted by a family that had an older Lab that did not like Pip, so he was returned once again to the shelter. He is at his final destination ; )

We have chickens and were concerned, at first, but not only has he never tried to harm one, he saved them from a hawk attack. He also puts them in their coop at night, and just the other night we failed to close the door to the coop, and he guarded it thru the night.

Scout is here by chance..DH started talking about getting another female Aussie, and while looking on Pet Finder, I came across a BC that I fell in love with, unfortunately I was unable to get her. We went in Harrisonburg, for groceries a few weeks ago and came home with Scout and a hermit crab. He is not female and not an Aussie, but we after looking at the pups, we couldn't leave him.

They are all so different, and make life interesting. Kate is intelligent, devoted, loving, and serious. Pip is a big goofball, yet proves his intelligence over and over. Spark is a spoiled lap dog. Scout is all puppy, for now ; )

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