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My friend Sande died this past Monday. She lived a long life, worthy enough to be written down and read. I'd known Sande for years. She was everyone's Auntie Mame. In her younger days she was an actress on stage in NYC, and modeled. Her red hair and model-worthy legs were a source of pride and, well, vanity for her. After she became widowed, she adopted a senior border collie girl from me - -- Hannah. Hannah was rescued from the armpit of Cleveland -- loaded with ticks, broken teeth and unbeknownst to me when I got her, pregnant with one pup that she delivered dead. When she gained her strength back she was spayed. Hannah was terrified - blind panic type of terror - of people. Eventually I placed her with Sande, and the two could be seen running errands in their van around the small town where they lived. Sande, the elegant red-haired lady and Hannah, split-faced and always with a toothless grin -- the world was now wonderful for her. During the Christmas holidays, Hannah and Sande would both be decked out to the nines in the glitter worthy of the holiday season. Hannah lived a few years, good years, with Sande and then went quickly downhill. Soon after Hannah died, Sande's health took a turn for the worse.


To the end, Sande maintained her trademark red hair. It was only after one of her legs were amputated that something inside her died.


I will miss you my friend and I will never forget you. They broke the mold when they made you. No more pain, but no time for rest, not for you. Your life was the biggest casting call of all. And now that the curtains closed for the last time, it's to a standing ovation. You did well my friend, and I am so proud to have known you.


See you down the road sometime.


ETA - I use Sande & Hannah's story as proof that not only you can indeed adopt a senior dog successfully, but it can be a match made in heaven.

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What a wonderful tribute you wrote to Sande- we can all take a moment an reflect that there are good people in this world and when they pass we miss them dearly. Their actions speak volumes after they are no longer with us - I am sure at moments of doubt you might ask yourself "what would Sande do". Live life and rejoice.

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