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HEY! I did that ONCE in the last 8 years! Is that fair?!? I ASK you! :D:D

Besides, I won a Wine-opoly game! I kicked a** that night! AND I didn't get a hangover or ANYthing!

(Sheesh... look what things I'm all proud of. I should get a life or something.) :D:rolleyes:

And I guess I didn't disguise my drinking party cleverly enough, since you are onto me.... back to the drawing board!


Flyer: That's hilarious! I'm glad that I have readers who didn't find me strictly from knowing me here - it's excellent that it works the other way 'round, too. Ironically, one of my sisters, Aziza, got some comment on her FaceBook account:


FaceBook Fan: I love your writing; the only other internet writer that I like as much as you is this vet blogger from Alaska.

Aziza: Yeah, I know who you mean, since that's my sister.


We were both sort of amused that of all the MILLIONS of writers on the 'net, this person picks out only two... and they're sisters.


Anyway, glad I've been educational AND entertaining! Ahhh. My work here is done. Well, okay, not DONE-done, but you know what I mean.



That is wild about your sister! What odds? I wonder if you have a similar voice. Look forward to the book. I'll buy it for my DD (and I'll read it too.)

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