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Fergie vs The Monster


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Fergie's stuffed basketball has another rip. So it snowed little white bits (like squished beanbag beans) all over the den.


I got out our ancient carpet sweeper - from Plaid Stamps back in maybe the early 1970s - handle that swivels back and forth over a metal pan with brushes underneath - you push.


Fergie went ballistic! Way beyond vacuum cleaner, broom, or sponge mop. That whining bark, hunkered down, grabbing it in her teeth, desperately trying to control it.


We know she doesn't think it's a sheep - right NC picnic gang? Does she think it's a goose? Or just an evil monster?

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Oh Lord don't I know what you mean!

When I turn on the vaccuum,Pepper runs to her crate but Popcorn goes on the defensive and attacks it, sounding vicious as all get out as he bites it, growling and attmepting to drag it away from me- before it can eat me!!!

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