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I love the names Wick and Jinx, but what about Revanta? It's Sanskrit for 'breaker of speed' and could be shortened to 'Rev' or 'Revvy'.


I also like 'Star','Flash', 'Fleet' or 'Grace' and for different names what about 'Winter' or 'Fortune'?



That is odd... I originally was going to name Seek Winter because I love winter. So now her middle name is Winter. In fact if you look at the old thread I posted about naming her, that was one of the choices. Really cute!


All in all I agree with that one. :rolleyes:

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I'm still a little stumped. Like I said I am completely terrible at naming things. Took me till 2 weeks before my son was born to name him and even then its not quite right. There are some beautiful names, but she's so hard to name.... If i had got a puppy it would be definitly named by now but because she's an old soul it just needs to fit......Thanks everyone though, I have a list written out and as she blossoms and gains more confidence I am sure one of them will fit.

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