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hi. last year me and my husband went camping with our 2 bc's tegan and jess. it was sonderful they did perfect. well this year we want to go again. we are looking for a good place to go camping with our dogs. we live in ohio so soe where some what close to ohio. penn,tenn, wva,new york, michigan, carolinas places near ohio. didnt know if anyone has ever went camping with their dogs somewhere neat. we went to hocking hills here in ohio and the dogs loved it there. just asking for your opinion. thanks

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I've spent years camping with my dogs. From the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Death Valley they have always been a joy to have with us. Being well trained they've never wandered far from the camp and sleep with us on (and sometimes in) our sleeping bags. I do suggext however if your animals are not used to wild animals that you keep them leashed. About half my dogs over they ears wold chase a wild critter. the rest just ignored them.

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We took our border collie Jack hiking and camping at Hocking Hills last Memorial weekend. He was only 7 months old at the time, but he loved every minute of it. We camped at the primative camp ground where you walk in and he slept in our tent. We will probably go back this year too.

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