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Cody "graduates" Puppy Kindergarten tonight!

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Hi, I'd like to brag a little that Cody will be "graduating" from Petsmart Puppy Kindergarten class tonight. We lucked out with a wonderful instructor, Jenni, who has several BCs of her own and also runs a rescue organization in our area for BCs. She also has trained a standard poodle to be her assistance dog...she is incredibly talented with dogs and especially with BCs.


At 16 weeks old, Cody now knows and consistently follows these commands: Sit, Stay, Watch, Leave It, Drop It, Lay Down, Come, Down (when jumping), Give me your paw, crawl. He also knows about 20 words, including walk, leash, treat, daddy, mommy, Hayley (her 11-year old "Mom", ball, dinosaur (toy), frisbee, Kong, mommy, biscuit, outside, go potty. He is getting better about not pulling on his leash too on the twice daily walks we do with him.


Plus he's 99% housetrained, even at night in his crate!


He's awesome and a wonderful part of our family. I can't wait for Intermediate Training that we start with him in November. The training has even brought us closer together as a family, since we all attend the classes and are all on the same "page" in terms of his training. Plus, we all really enjoy the classes, especially Cody!


Thanks for letting me brag about my youngest "child".

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Yay for Cody!

give him a big ol' doggie bone for me!


What is after intermediate? (well, ok, what is after advanced?). Are you thinking of doing anything else or just have the BEST trained family dog in the world? :rolleyes:


Way to go on all those commands - keep up the good work boy!

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Congrats! I bet you and Cody have a lot of fun too. Keep up the good work. God Bless

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