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I know what old Pop would say.

"You think we give sheep away here for free?"

Sorry old Pop.

The problem is that I am a softy.

I have one neighbor who wheedled me out of a ram lamb becauise he couldn't afford to buy one.

I told him he could work it off.

As we watched him drive away, my Vet who was visiting said, " He got out of paying his bill to me as well. Said he would wash my truck."

We turned and looked at the truck. Sadly it was unwashed, with 'test mud' finger scrawled on the side.


Then there is the CAPTAIN. Last year he got one lamb out of me for Burns night. Took him a LONG time to pay, and there was a difference in amount that could never be decided upon.

He swore there would never be a problem again.


But this year he bought two lambs. Slaughtered them. I had left to go to the store. My darling Pete asked me if he had paid me. I said I thought he was paying you?


Sorry Pop.


"You think we give sheep away here for free?"


I guess we do.

Oh for crying out loud......

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