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Ode To Lucy


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There once was a red and tan kelpie

Who I just could not get to stop, God help me


Then came a day when I went all a twitter

I just could not keep trying and being so bitter


I asked her to stop and she just ran through it

I ran up to her, and she knew she had blew it


But, did she then take my whistle?

No, it was as if she were trotting on thistle


What did I do, to try and fix this mess?

To get her to stop, and for once at her best


Well, I calmed myself down

And turned my frown upside down


Instead of blowing my top

At the lack of a stop


I breathed in deeply

And whistled so sweetly


She ignored me again

But this time I was ready


I ran up the field, and met her half way

She looked at me as if to say “no way”


I took her back to where I had asked her

I lay her down and and to her psyche I asked her


Do you want your mother to have a heart attack?

Because if you don’t start stopping, I will surely hit the pack


So, I sent her again, and I whistled with feeling

And wouldn’t you know it, I saw her mind reeling


She slid to a stop and looked at me knowing

I better remember this now, for soon she will be going!


She’s a Fair Dinkum Aussie, to her sheep she is true

There’s no dinking around when you get a Kelpie with you

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great little lymric Julie! Had fun reading it. Alas, I cannot contribute any of mine, as they all rhyme with Nantuckit! LoL

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I rewrote the words to a Bonnie Raitt song for my Earl:


Turn 'round the flock, turn 'round their heads

I sent him away, and off he sped.

Lie down for me, don't try to rise

Just hold them to me, don't make them fly - don't make them fly.


I'll close my eyes, then I won't see

The respect you don't feel when you're fetching to me.

Moving them toward me, you're picking up speed

I try to stop you, but you just will not heed

Well you just will not heed!


Chorus: 'Cause I can't make you like down if you don't

I can't make your head hear something it won't

Here in the open, in these gathering hours

I will blow on my whistle and I'll feel the power

But you won't, no you won't

'Cause I can't make you lie down, if you don't....

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