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Hey guys! Completely off topic, but I've been trying to figure out what this shrub/moster bush :rolleyes: is in my backyard. It has flowers this year, last year it didnt. My first guess was Gardenia, but im not sure. Anybody care to take a stabb at it? The flowers do smell. .ok. Not as sweet as a rose, but its still nice.



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Thanks Donna! You know I think I almost bought one of those from a catalog last year. I guess its a good thing I didnt.

Like I said, it didnt bloom last year. And even this year, its only blooming on one side. Not long after we moved in, my neighbor decided to come over to my house and trim back all the bushes (without asking first :rolleyes: ) Anyway, do you think that could have kept it from blooming? If so, it is a monster of a bush, when would the best time be to cut it back?

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if i remember correctly, i think it flowers on the old wood, so if it got a good haircut then you would have to wait till next year for flowers. however it does flower best when pruned every year, so the side that is flowering should look lovely.

when you come to prune this year, wait till the flowers have gone then cut out the old wood. leave the new wood and they will bear next years flowers!

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