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This just cracked me up. I have to share!


Imagine the scene:


Mom (me) in the kitchen cooking dinner. Son (15 year old) sitting on living room floor legs outstretched in front of him playing a video game. Jody, the border collie lying on the floor next to son. Such a sweet picture.


Mom hears Jody begin to pace. Says "son, I think your dog needs to go out." A minute or two passes & dog is still pacing. More forcefully - "Son, stop playing the game and take Jody out. He needs to go now."


Mom tunes back into the cooking chore to keep from burning the frying fish filets. Next thing I hear is my son, in a very annoyed voice saying Geez Jody, what did you do that for!!!! So I say ...did Jody have an accident? I told you to take him out... and get ready to deliver the you have to clean it up lecture.


Except that it wasn't an accident at all. I think this one was pretty deliberate. Jody had walked over to my son's outstretched legs, straddled them, looked my son right in the eye, squatted and peed on son's legs.


Jody did not get in trouble, but he did have to go in his crate until son changed clothes so they could go outside. Son had to do a load of laundry and clean the floor. I didn't want the dog to see me laughing over this, so I turned off the skillet and hid in my bedroom for a few minutes until I could put my stern face back on.


BTW - Jody is 8 months old now and rarely has indoor accidents anymore. I would never encourage this behavior from him, but it caught me by such surprise that all I could do was laugh! Finally, I honestly don't think Jody's point was to pee in the house. He was using the peeing to make a point to my son. I could almost hear Jody thinking "boy, how dense are you. Listen to Mom, when I whine at the door I need to do this!


Take care



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Perfect example of excellent training technique: offer immediate feedback when the command isn't followed.


One guesses your son has now had the reinforcement necessary to know that letting the dog out after the first request is the appropriate behavior. :rolleyes:



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Great story. Sounds like Jody knows how to get what he wants. :rolleyes: See, they are always teaching us. Not the other way around.

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