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Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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Had to share these pics with people who would understand... It's warm for Christmas eve and something the cats enjoy very much is to sit at the screen door in the kitchen and look out. I often let them do this while I'm baking or cooking where I can watch, but I haven't had a warm cooking day in the almost five months since I got Vala, so this is the first time she has seen this... I made her practice her stay.


The distractions:





The task:



She has a thing about wanting to control the movement of the cats away from open doors -- she knows they're not allowed outside, and she doesn't understand the screen door is locked -- so this was kinda difficult! But she learned quickly that it still wasn't her business what they were doing even though they were so near the (forbidden without permission!) door.


We also practiced her "down and stay" while I danced a little to Christmas music. For those who didn't read the older threads, she was an outside dog we adopted from the pound, who used to not be able to take dancing (the first time I did it in the house she jumped and barked at me as if very alarmed) and hand clapping. And she used to be scared of music too. So I'm proud of her for having come this far!


Merry Christmas!!!!

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OK. I feel like I'm spamming the boards, so I'm not going to do a whole new topic. But I guess since I can't take Vala to Christmas with me tomorrow, I'm feeling particularly doggy-centric today. So, anyway, on Christmas Eve my husband and I do small (inexpensive) gifts for the past, present, and future.


Look what he built for the future gift...




He is so sweet!

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Poke had issues with dancing. Thank goodness no one can see me with my dogs because I make and idiot out of myself on a regular basis. :rolleyes: Instead of getting frustrated with me he just looks at me like I am a weirdo. Keep up the weird noises and movements, you may look looney but your dog will get used to them really quick!

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It's wonderful that all your hard work (and all that you learned from Pan) is now paying off with Vala; she and your cats are beautiful. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year, when you and Vala can enjoy that jump! :rolleyes:



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