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Nice Job Bette!

No Julie I'm not getting a pup from this litter, although I'm sure these are wonderful pups, I just want the pics to hold me off from puppitis jonesing. The pup I'm holding out for is due the 3rd week of Feb. So I'll just keep looking at these pups and drooling.

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All he had to say was tri female.... Ahhhhhhh!





Funny, all he had to say was many of them have white faces with spashes of black... :D


Congrats!! I was reading this thread, saw the pictures and fell in love with mom and pups.....then I noticed you live in MD. I said out loud "uh oh, he lives in MD" My husband said, "what does that mean?". I showed him the picture and all he said was "NO!". Darn it!! He's no fun at all. :rolleyes:


I'll just have to be content to watch them grow in pictures.

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Congrats!! I have to say that your Bette looks like the grown up version of my new pup, Bea. Uncanny, actually. Her mom is tri, dad black and white. Here she is. She is almost 11 weeks. The patch around her eye is developing a brownish circle in the centre and her mom had a beautiful pointy snout which Bea is well on the way to having.



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Hello everyone,


I'm sure that Renee and Mark are very busy with their remodeling project, in addition to caring for Bette and her new puppies. I imagine that no news is good news, but more photos would be terrific when they have a chance!


Melanie wrote:


"Want! Love Bette! Who's the daddy?"


The sire of Bette's litter is Lyle Lad's Shep.




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OMGsh!! Congrats! They are so cute, I can't wait to see then grow up!




ETA: I really like that little B&W split faced male 4th one on the top row. His markings just appeal to me.

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