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I'm so sorry Kristi. Bear was as lucky to have you in his life as you were to have him. He always reminded me of my Sophiegirl--the first, the aussie (part for Soph), the one who loves kids, the one who introduced me to stock work (who has a lot of instinct but not a lot of talent), the one who I bought a yard (with a house) for...


Godspeed, Bear!

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So sorry to hear this. I feel like your Bear and Wick were two of the first dogs I got to "know" through these boards.


I hadn't looked at Bear's website in a while, but I still had it bookmarked. I just went back for a look to remember what an amazing and well-rounded gentleman he was.

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ahhh, just saw this, I try not to look at this forum, as my heart just can't take it. I've always enjoyed your pics of Bear, going to trials, going to farms, your hotel pics :-) He looked like such a sweet guy, and its obvious you loved him a great deal. I'm so very sorry for you loss, hugs to you and god speed to sweet Bear.




PS, if you feel the need to hug a big old Aussie, I'm sure Al's North would be more than happy to oblige :-)

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Thanks for all your kind words. It's amazing how many people knew Bear - either IRL or through the internetz. He was quite a popular fellow!


The remarkable thing about Bear is how unremarkable he was. A large black dog somewhere between 2 and 4 in a shelter as an owner-surrender. Reason? "Moving". Huh. Like that probably doesn't describe 65% of dogs sitting in shelters today. That large black dog and I had a lot of fun in our almost 11 years together, and while I grieve his passing, I am forever grateful that I chose THAT day in February 1999 to go to the Vancouver SPCA and see "what they had in stock". I am forever grateful that it was THAT morning that Bear had been transferred to the Vancouver shelter after sitting for 2 weeks at another shelter. I believe that we were meant to meet, that we were meant to go on this great journey together.


He is probably disgusted that he leaves me in the company of three border collies. For so many years, he was the lone aussie in a sea of black and white. One day, I'll get another rescue aussie. He will have very large shoes pawprints to fill though.



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