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Oh Geez! Scooter's limping really bad!

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Just noticed this afternoon that he was limping a little after DH had him outside playing Frisbee. Rapidly getting worse. Examined his paw but didn't see any broken nails or anything, and palpated his leg and hip. Got a very low growl when I touched his paw. However, this is the hip that has dysplasia. :D Looks like a trip to the vet tomorrow. <sigh> DH just said it seems to be in the back part of the foot. :rolleyes: Calgon, take me away!!!! :D

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Yeesh! Like you haven't had enough stress lately!


However... I'm just wondering... if Scooter has pain in his back leg, might that have been a contributing factor to the Thanksgiving bite?



I considered that too. Could be, but he just started limping today. Gave him an Ultram a few hours ago for pain. He definitely doesn't want to walk on that foot, almost like the toes are pointing down and is having trouble getting up and down the stairs. I think I'll sleep on the living room couch tonight and keep him downstairs with me. Poor guy. He just stands there looking at us like he doesn't know what to do. He's had a rough week. :rolleyes:

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