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Goodbye for Now, Flyboy


My good dog waits,

but I am late.

He’s waiting by a pasture gate.


I can’t go join him.

No, not yet.

But he’ll be there. He won’t forget.


He’ll come each day

to the pasture gate.

For a little while he’ll sit and wait.


And at those times

I’ll feel him near,

and fool that I am, I’ll shed a tear.


One day I’ll see

my dog again,

sooner or later – I can’t say when.


Until that day,

I know he’ll be

with a Shepherd better, by far, than me.


And he’ll be happy,

and so should I.

For the pain is gone from my good dog’s eye.


I know how it feels to lose a good dog. My heart goes out to you...

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And eventually, after the intial grief, that's what it comes down to. I have 2, 14 yr. old border collies at my feet as I type this --- and I dread having to go through the grieving process again.


You were lucky to have had him in your life, Liz.

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I'll keep a male pup from Juniper's litter with Mr. Handsome Stud Muffin Mooch Dog. Juniper is Flyboy's grand niece, so maybe I will get another male with his work ethic. Juniper sure seems to have it. She will work herself to death if you let her.

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