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First Inside Flank!


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I am so excited that I just had to share!


Some of you may know about my girl Cedar, and all the "issues" she has on stock. She has not been the easiest dog to train, especially since I don't know what the heck I'm doing most of the time! Of course, I do not help things at all... being a newbie and whatnot :rolleyes:


BUT... last Monday we had a breakthrough! Our first legit inside flank! :D


After a week and a half off (I am in the depths of grading English 101 papers), I went out to Dianne (Deal)'s for a lesson. I spent some time getting Cedar to relax, slow down, and listen; mainly doing outruns and working on pace on the fetch. Easy stuff like that. Her outruns have really been improving in recent months. I am so proud of her.


Towards the end, though, we worked on driving. That was going really well (I was having her drive the sheep in a big square around me, both directions), so I decided to try something different/brave/whatever. She was on my left, driving the sheep parallel to and a bit away from me. I walked behind her to the other side, and then gave her an quiet "away" command with her in front of me. Lo and behold, she took the flank, and went wide and soft in a beautiful inside flank! I had her drive the sheep a little closer to home and then quit.


I know it's kind of small potatoes... but it's a big deal for us :D I'm pretty dang ecstatic!




Thanks for letting me brag :D

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