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My wife and I just saw Eight Below. I heartily recommend this film; it is a truly great dog film. But I do have a warning for the male dog lovers on this board. If you are reluctant to let your significant other see you cry, then see it alone. My wife and I both came out of the movie with tear tracks on our faces...

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OMG I loved that movie as well and have been meaning to recommend it on the board - you beat me to it! And I heartily agree on your warning...that movie was one of the most moving I have EVER seen.

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Oooooooooooh Yeeeeeees! a definate must see. Saw it last weekend. Same here for the tear tracks, on both our faces.

Soooo good. And for those of you who haven't seen it, don't get us wrong, it is not an all sad movie, it really warms your heart, helps renew a little faith in the human race, at least for awhile anyway....nuf said, just go see it!

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Thanks to all these recommendations, I went to see this movie when it came through our (very small) town recently. While the many factual impossibilities nearly drove me crazy, I loved the scenery and watching the dogs. Throughout, I kept thinking about the training that must have gone into this movie, so when I got home I did a little internet research to learn more. I thought others might enjoy some of the links I found:


Interesting history of the true story that Eight Below is (very) loosely based on, including a fascinating discussion of the little known breed of dogs that took part in the original adventure:



Report of the representative from the American Humane Society that explains how the dog actors from LA used Greenland huskies as doubles for the risky stuff:



A long pdf (so you should right click and download it rather than just click on the link) with info about all the actors, including all the dogs, their doubles, and their head trainer. This is the best info I could find about the training:



If you search google on the head trainer, Mike Alexander, and another one of his movies, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you willl find some entertaining descriptions of what went into training all those squirrels in the nut factory. Makes the huskies seem like a piece of cake.


BTW, regular members of this board will be happy to know that a number of the dogs in the movie were genuine rescues

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I haven't seen it yet but I want to -


In case it hasn't been mentioned yet - two of the dogs were rescues! One (I believe it was one of the male lead dogs) was saved from starvation as a stray and another dog (one of the doubles) was also a rescue. I have the link with their story somewhere - just can't find it right now :rolleyes:

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